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Padang Brown

6th July 2024

7.30 am - 1.00 pm

Stadium Negeri Kuching

13th July 2024

7.30am - 1.00pm

Kompleks Belia dan Sukan

20th July 2024

7.30 am - 1.00 pm

Padang D, Dataran Bandaraya

27th July 2024

7.30 am - 1.00 pm

St Joseph’s Institution International School

3rd August 2024

7.30 am - 1.00 pm

Match Rules & Regulations

Learn about our football trial rules and what it takes to win a spot for international training. Simple steps lead to big chances!

Match Rules #1

Trials will be conducted across five Malaysia states: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sabah, Pahang and Malacca

Match Rules #2

All of the trials will be held on Saturdays from 7:30am – 1:00pm in each aforementioned state

Match Rules #3

Only participants aged between 11-16 are allowed to enter

Match Rules #4

Participants will be broken up into groups of 100 and then further segmented based on playing position

Match Rules #5

Each time slot will run for an hour with groups being trialed over this period

Match Rules #6

The trial will consist of four (4) separate drills and one match simulation

Match Rules #7

Each drill will be ten (10) minutes long and consist of twenty (20) contestants per drill

Match Rules #8

Upon entering the match simulation, each group of twenty (20) will be split into two groups of 10

Match Rules #9

One group of ten (10) people will then play a ten (10) minute of five (5) versus five (5) match, followed by the second group – this format allows a rest period for the contestants

Match Rules #10

Separate goalkeeper drills will be set up to run concurrently where need be

Match Rules #11

Each drill will be monitored by a professional coach who will be assessing each group

Match Rules #12

Liverpool F.C legend & England International Michael Owen will be the Head Coach and will oversee all drills and match simulations throughout each trial day

Match Rules #13

Successful applicants will be judged on, skill, technique, intelligence and attitude

Match Rules #14

There will be four (4) winners (2 male and 2 female) chosen from each state and a notification will be sent to each winner within five (5) working days of each trial

Match Rules #15

The announcement of winners from each state will be made on the official website and on Facebook

Match Rules #16

The winners from each state will compete in the grand finals on the 11th August 2024 where two overall winners in each category (male & female) will be crowned winners of the Million Dollar Feet™ search

Match Rules #17

The four grand final winners will then be flown to the U.K (male) and Australia (female) to trial for professional scouts and a chance to sign for a top academy

Match Rules #18

Each trip will last for 7 days and culminate in the final Million Dollar Feet™ trial match

Match Rules #19

The final trial will consist of invited scouts from the English Premier League and English Championship who will assess the male winners and scouts from the Australian League for the female winners

About Million Dollar Feet

Million Dollar Feet is a grassroots football initiative offering Malaysian boys and girls aged 11 to 16 the chance to audition for professional scouts with the aim of securing a RM1 million academic/football scholarship at some of the world's premier academies.

The program conducts open trials across five states, including East Malaysia, allowing aspiring young athletes to demonstrate their skills to the head coaches of Million Dollar Feet, among whom is a former Premier League player.

The competition narrows down to twenty finalists — ten boys and ten girls — selected for their talent and potential. These finalists compete in the Grand Finals event in Kuala Lumpur, vying to be the ultimate winners.

Four outstanding participants, two boys and two girls, will be declared the overall winners. They will receive plane tickets to either the UK or Australia, where they will have the opportunity to try out for professional scouts, potentially securing a place in a top-tier academy.

A Million Dollar Opportunity For Malaysian Boys And Girls To Pursue A Career In Football For Free!

Meet MDF Team

Get to know the dedicated professionals behind Million Dollar Feet™, driving every player towards their dream goal.
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Head Coach

Abbas Saad

Abbas is a former Australian national player that enjoyed successful stints across Asia earning him the reputation of one of the region’s deadliest strikers in his day

Since retiring, Abbas has consistently showcased his ball knowledge through punditry on some of the biggest broadcasters by expertly analysing the game and providing unique insights based on his time as a professional player

Abbas is key in running the open trials and identifying top talent worthy of progressing through the programme

He was also key in setting up the dedicated path for the female winners to trial for the Central Coast Mariners in Australia.
Director of Football

Peter De Kretser

An avid football fan and lifelong supporter of the Red Devils who played in the Bobby Charlton Soccer & Sports Academy before playing professionally in both Australia and Singapore

Peter brings with him his unparalleled network comprising ex-players and pundits from the global football fraternity that provide the opportunity to strike partnerships with various academies and key personnel

Entrepreneurial background having been involved in three start-up ventures including Lighthouse Oysters (Singapore), GO Communications Group (Asia-Pacific) and Million Dollar Feet.
Director of Events

Delon Leong

Delon is a pioneer in the local events industry and serial entrepreneur across a myriad of industries that include Electric Vehicles, Finance and more

The Kuantan native is key in activating the on-ground aspects of Million Dollar Feet by curating Premier League-level open trials and events that foster an electric atmosphere only rivalled by the biggest stadiums in the world

From coordinating the Head Coaches to handling the 10,000 participants that come through five different states, Delon has time and time again ensured the programme runs without a hitch.

Michael Paul

A die-hard Liverpool fan that has a highlight reel of screamer campaigns across a five-year stint in Public Relations

Specialises in strategic communications across various industries that include property, finance, insurance, F&B and sports

Much like his designation suggests, Michael can typically be found in the technical area strategising and putting the Million Dollar Feet plan into action

A jack of all trades, Michael oversees and manages every aspect of the programme from publicity efforts, merchandising, logistics and on-ground.

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Tel: 03-56128321
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